A new practice method helps you learn faster by — get this — avoiding the sweet spot. Here’s how.

1. The theory

Instead of trying to pound the sweet spot practice swing after practice swing at the range, try catching a few on the heel and toe as well. By giving your brain multiple reference points to think about, you force it to work harder — so you can learn faster! It’s called variable training. Multiple studies prove that it can be wildly effective.

2. How to put it to good use

Tee the ball in its regular spot and try hitting it off the toe. After a few attempts, switch it up: Hit some clankers off the heel. Then go back to your quest to locate the center. For a real test, tee two balls off the clubface and see if you can knock them in tandem. Now you’re really putting your noggin to work! If you can teach yourself to create off-center hits on command, it’ll be easier to find the center when it counts.

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Thank you for making our Toys for Tots Tournament a success! We had a great day of golf, ended with some delicious chili & chowder with the pros.  Together, we collected over 100 toys to donate this Christmas! 

We can’t wait to do it all again next year, & if you couldn’t make it out this year, we hope to see you in 2019!

The holidays are here- let’s party!

Friday, Dec. 21
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Ring in the holidays with us & jingle all the way to our Holiday Party at the Bath Golf Club! Celebrate the season with delicious food, our favorite local musicians the Marshall Family Band, & holiday-themed drink specials!

Holiday Party Menu

Free Stationary Appetizers

  • Vegetable crudité with herbed dip
  • Cheese & crackers with garlic hummus
  • Swedish meatballs

Free Passed Appetizers

  • Stuffed mushrooms with bacon, Havarti & chard
  • Grilled flatbread pizza (various)
  • Andes Candies brownies

Paid Custom Menu

  • Baked crab dip with toasted crostinis  $14
  • Hand cut fries  $6
  • Chicken or steak quesadilla  $8
  • Shaved fennel salad with cranberry Stilton  $8
  • Cubano sandwich  $10

Holiday Drink Specials

  • The Jolly Captain- Captain Morgan & Local Apple Cider on ice
  • The Cousin Eddie- Bacardi White Rum & Eggnog dusted with Nutmeg
  • The Merry Mahgret- Hot Local Cider w Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka
  • Holiday Cranberry Sangria

4 courses, 3 rounds, 1 Resurrection Pass- the BEST Holiday Golf Gift is BACK! 

Good ANYTIME for the 2019 season. No Limits. No Restrictions. 

You will receive 3 INDIVIDUAL Passes in the Mail, you can use them all yourself or give them as gifts!

Source: Golfweek
By Jenny Shin
Here’s how Jenny Shin’s leading the LPGA Tour in sand saves

I hit these shots differently. My philosophy is that you don’t need to chunk it out with a lot of sand. You can control a bunker shot better if you take less sand. You’ve probably done this by accident and hit a great shot that popped out with spin and checked up by the hole. The big chunk tends to roll out too much, so it’s hard to control.

To try my technique, there are a few things you need to do in your setup. Take a wider stance than usual, and dig in your feet a bit for stability, with your weight about 50/50. To find that balanced body position, close your eyes and shift your weight a little left and right until you feel neutral.

Play the ball just forward of center in your stance, and open the clubface by rotating it to the right. Then drop your hands back a touch, away from the target. When you move your hands back, the open face, which was pointed to the right, is square to the target again.

Go ahead and make a big arm swing, but maintain the angles in your wrists that you set at address. Make sure you turn your lower body, too. Your goal is to hold the clubface open during the backswing, so keep those wrist angles intact.

Coming down, don’t think about hitting two inches behind it—that’s too much sand and too unpredictable. Instead, focus on letting the bounce on the bottom of the club slide through the sand. You want the clubhead to bottom out directly under the ball, not behind it.

Finally, keep the swing going through the sand. A lot of people forget to follow through, and they just dump the ball in front of them. Swing to a nice, full finish. When you do it right, it doesn’t feel like the sand is grabbing your clubhead. It feels crisp and clean. Give it a try.—With Keely Levins

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Saturday, Dec. 8

 Tee times start at 9 AM 

Entry Fee $10 PLUS an UNWRAPPED Toy!
$5 cart per person

Golf for a great cause this Saturday, Dec. 8 at our Annual Toys for Tots Toy Drive & Golf Tournament!  Bring a toy to donate, then get ready to golf! Afterward, warm up with a chili & chowder cookout with Pros John Hickson & Henry Fall!

° Donations accepted until 12/16 °
° Random draw points quota °
° Play with your own group °